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Learning To Drive

We cater for all types of learner drivers. Driving lessons are planned by Steve to ensure each pupil gains new knowledge, experience and skills at every lesson.

Routes are planned to allow pupils to experience a wide variety of situations and gain the necessary skills to become confident, careful and thoughtful drivers upon successful completion of their test. Time is taken to ensure pupils fully understand what they need to do in every given situation. Steve is very patient and understanding, giving his students as much help as possible to become the best drivers they can be.

With High-Ways you will be clear about what you can expect to learn at each lesson and about your progress. You will receive a thorough grounding in driving theory and safe driving practice which will teach you driving skills for life.

The School has an excellent first time pass rate, with many clients passing in a very short space of time.

You will always be allocated the same fully qualified, Driving Standards Agency registered, experienced instructor in the same dual controlled car.

To book your lesson you will need:

Your provisional driving licence - Green Photocard!. You can apply on line by following this link – or by visiting the Post Office and filling in the Provisional Driving licence application form.


The Driving Theory Test comprises 2 parts:

  • Multiple choice questions
  • Hazard Perception Test


We are happy to take new pupils who either have or who have not yet succeeded in their Theory Test. We personally feel that the partial ‘road experience’ will enable pupils to pass the test at a better rate. However, if you feel you wish to take the theory test prior to taking lessons please follow this link to book the test here.


Driving tests

Steve will talk to you about booking driving tests on one of your first chats with him. In the current climate it might be easier and quicker if you arrange the test directly with him as he has access to the DVSA Business service for instructors.


Please do remember you must have passed your theory test prior to taking your practical test and must have the original certificate to show to your examiner along with your provisional driving licence. 

Refresher Courses

  • How many years is it since you passed your driving test?
  • Have you kept up to date?
  • When did you last study a copy of the Highway Code?
  • Have you ever seen a road sign or road marking that puzzled you or panicked you?
  • Are you confident that your driving techniques are up to the mark with today’s fast cars and busy roads and that you are a safe driver in all weathers?

A refresher lesson or a course of lessons could identify and help you with all these things .

 As a qualified driver it is your responsibility to keep up to date: ignorance is no defence in law.

Our refresher courses can also be particularly good for older people who have not driven much for a few years and who are rightly worried about starting to drive again more extensively. Equally they are excellent for those who have panic attacks, maybe due to a previous accident or incident which has had an effect on the individual. Steve and his team are very patient and are there to ensure you are safe and to make you into a better and more positive driver.

Intensive Courses

For those of you who just can’t wait to get behind the wheel or have a deadline to meet, we offer intensive courses.


Busy people, or people who just want to concentrate their efforts, and those who know that a driving licence is a passport to many more opportunities in life, at work or play, may want to learn in a shorter space of time.


If this is you then an intensive course of driving lessons might be for you.

These courses will get you ready for your test much faster than hourly lessons. The lessons offer the same tuition you would get from a standard lesson schedule but you will book more of Steve’s time over a week, a fortnight or perhaps a bit longer and benefit from concentrated tuition. 

Pass Plus

When you pass your test there are many advantages to taking the Driving Standard Agency’s advisory course of Pass Plus lessons  because DVSA statistics show that:

  • New drivers are more likely to have an accident within their first two years of driving than at any other time in their driving career.
  • 2 young people under 25 die in crashes in Great Britain every day.
  • In the first year of driving 1 driver out of 5 is involved in a crash regardless of age. 


So this is a course which builds on your core driving skills.

Pass Plus is a structured competency based training programme delivered by suitably approved driving instructors - Steve is qualified to teach Pass Plus.

It is a 6 module training syllabus designed by the DVSA.


Hopefully after this you will then have the confidence and experience to tackle longer drives, busier places, and unfamiliar roads in a variety of driving conditions with greater expertise. Practice in such scenarios, before you are completely on your own, will hopefully make you better prepared and you will be a better and safer driver.


Insurance premiums can also be lower if you complete this short certificated course. There are no more tests. Your instructor signs off your competency.

Theory Preperation

Not everyone learns well by simply reading the facts as presented in the Highway Code. More practical advice and other techniques for learning can be offered by High-Ways Driving School. A combination of theory and practical experience also reinforces learning for many provisional licence holders. 

Motorway and City Driving

Even experienced drivers can feel worried about the prospect of a journey on today’s fast and crowded roads, especially motorways. Steve can offer theoretical and practical tuition to help build confidence so that even drivers who qualified years ago relish the benefits of motorway or city driving.

Eco Driving

Eco driving is all about economical and environmentally friendly driving. 

Steve can teach driving techniques which can save £££s on your fuel and garage bills  and lots of wear and tear on your car and your passengers!


Book a lesson and find out for yourself.

See our Contacts section 

Confidence Building

There are many reasons why people lose their confidence in driving, including:

  • Accidents and incidents which traumatise them
  • Lack of practice, especially in a relationship where one partner always seems to do the driving, or where using  public transport has become the norm
  • Lack of familiarity with new areas and busier roads
  • Deliberate avoidance of some types of roads or driving manoeuvres, eg. motorways, city centres or parking
  • After an illness


Steve can help you rebuild your confidence so that you regain your independence, even after many years, and so that you start to enjoy safe driving again. 

Costs For Learners

You can always find cheap driving lessons but are they quality lessons given by an experienced and fully qualified driving instructor?

Trainee driving instructors may be licensed to teach pupils, and you may not know the difference between trainees and fully qualified instructors, but High-Ways  Driving School will only ever offer you a fully qualified and experienced instructor. You will notice the difference it makes.

Of course, you can always find more expensive lessons too but they do not necessarily guarantee you better lessons or, strangely, even better qualified and experienced instructors.


We know that driving is a lifetime skill you will want to master for the safety of you, your passengers and other road users. You will need an excellent grounding from a dedicated teacher. No short cuts. No cheap deals that don’t deliver.  


The High-Ways approach is to offer a fair and affordable price in return for high quality tuition.  Our tuition is a good return for your money.


We do not aim to offer rock bottom prices, which could compromise how we teach, but we do offer savings on our standard Priced hourly rate for lessons.


Huge discounts on your first 4 lessons

Block book your first 4 hours for £110, that's only £27.50 an hour.


Don’t want to commit to a block booking?

Individual lessons (1 or 2 hour lessons) are priced from £27.50 per hour. Terms Apply.

Further block booking rates may be available by prior arrangement offering you more great deals.


Booking lessons

Lessons are normally booked two hours at a time giving candidates better value for money in terms of time behind the wheel.  

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